It is our mission to offer to you bread baked with love. Bread, in its pure original formula, making it available for everyone’s enjoyment. From antiquity, bread has been known as the epitome of life and human society. It’s history can be traced back for thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. We exclusively use sun ripened whole grain (including the grain’s germ) to provide you with a source of power, stamina and health! Spoil yourself with our breads natural flavor! We use only the finest quality ingredients providing your body with important fiber and nutrients. For people who suffer from allergies we offer a delicious range of wheat and yeast free products. Because your health matters to us, our products are baked freshly for you every day!

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Offering Sit-Down or Carry-Out
(770) 218-1153
1592 Atlanta Road SE Marietta, GA 30060
8:00am- 6:00pm Saturdays: 8:00am-4:00pm


* **Rustic Rye  $4.75
* **German Sourdough   $4.75
* **Russian Sourdough  $4.75
* **Farmers Crusty  $4.75
*Spelt Whole Grain  $4.95
elt Millet  $5.25
*Sandwich Spelt  $4.95
Peasant Bread  $4.75
Country Sunflower  $5.75
Sesame Star   $5.75
Harvest Festival  $5.95
Whole Wheat  $4.95
Italian Olive   $4.75
Monastery Bread  $4.50
Hazelnut Bread   $8.95
Country Rye   $4.75

* Wheat free  - ** Yeast free  - No Sugar  - No Fat


Gourmet Cakes

Blackforest Cake, Chocolate Mousse, German ChocolateCake, Swedish Princess Torte, Cappuccino, Champagne, German Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Tangerine Cheese Cake ....

Sheet Cakes

Beesting (Bienenstich), Homemade Apple Cake, Blueberry Streusel, Chocolate Cherry Cake,Poppyseed, Butter Cake, Linzer Torte, Apple Strudel ....


Napoleon, Cream Horn, Nougat Ring, Eclair, Cream Puff, Rum Ball, Granat Splitter, Esterhasy Slice, Choco Bomb ....

A Wide Selection of Fresh BakedCookies

Custom Orders Available
Catering, Weddings, Birthday and Office Meetings

Prices subject to Change w/o Notice


German Breakfast Basket    $5.75
-2 Brötchen, cold cuts and cheese

American Style Breakfast    $5.75
Scrambled Eggs or Sunnyside up with Cheese, with Bacon or Ham, choice of rolls or sliced bread.
- with a croissant for additional $1.00

~ Also try our large variety of fresh baked Danishes, filled Croissants, and Coffeecakes!

~ All Sandwiches include: Lettuce and Tomatoes and Choice of cheese: Munster or Provolone ~ Add fresh Avocado for $0.50

Tuna Salad                               $4.95

Italian Salami                           $4.95

Liverwurst                                $4.95

Roast Beef                               $5.95
- black olives, Dijonaise and Lemon Pepper

Smoked Turkey                      $5.75

Ham and Cheese                    $5.75

Smoked Salmon                     $5.95
- with Horseradish Sauce

French Melt                              $5.95
- served hot on a Croissant with Black Forest Ham, Brie, mustard and fresh tomato

Three Cheese Melt                $5.75
- Brie, Provolone, and Munster, served on a Croissant

Veggie                                       $5.95
- with Brushetta, Eggplant, Sundried Tomatoes, black Olives, and Brie Cheese

Club                                           $6.50
- with Ham, Turkey, Italian Salami, and Italian Seasoning

Pastrami Hot or Cold             $5.75
- with mustard and Sauerkraut

NEW Chicken Salad German Style         $5.75 NEW
- with Pineapple & Tangerine on a Croisssant


Bosnian Pita                            $3.95
- filled with: Beef, OR Spinach and Farmers Cheese, OR potato filling, OR squash

Beef Stew (Gulasch)             $6.95
- served with homemade pasta and German style Green Beans or Red Cabbage

German Meatloaf (Fleischkäse) $4.95
- served with sautéed onions and bread

Brat (Weißwurst)                   $4.95
- served with buttered Pretzel or Brotchen & sweet “Bavarian” Mustard

Philly Cheese                          $6.50
- grilled beef with cheese, onions and Bistro Sauce

Fajita Pork (Geschnetzeltes)       $5.95
- served with onions, bell pepper and homemade Pico de Gallo

Homemade Soup of the Day (12 oz)      $3.95
*Tomato Basil, *Chicken Noodle, *Vegetable and more

Call Ahead for large Orders or Pick ups 770-218-1153